US Federal Government Contracts Compliance: 
What makes us different?

  • We offer compliance support on an ongoing basis

  • We are professional compliance consultants

  • We help and assist our clients pro-actively throughout the year

  • We interact with corporate and federal Agencies to comply with compliance and operations on a daily basis through emails, calls and visits

  • We assist and coordinate with required filings, assist corporation to maintain policies and procedures in compliance with Federal policies and procedures with proper documentation and record keeping

  • What is contract compliance management?

  • Is contract compliance about strategy, process, policies or individual obligations?

  • Is it about specific performance or conformance with regulation?

  • Is it focused on internal operations or external relationships?

  • The answer of course is that: it is all of those things.

  • But an intelligent compliance system is also about ensuring understanding of when compliance must change, at what point corporations must change their concept, perception and understanding.



Contract compliance management can embrace many different aspects and phases of contract management.

It is an important area of business performance which in theory will raise efficiency and reduce risks.However, while compliance monitoring is necessary, it is essential that there are processes which allow insight to the need or opportunities for change.

Therefore best practice takes on two forms – one of which is ensuring that there are controls over non-compliance and the other is ensuring that the definitions of compliance are monitored and necessary adjustments are made for changing business or market conditions,

At a strategic level, it might be responsibility for things like:
•        ensuring integrity of the contract management process and monitoring compliance
•        aligning available contract terms with corporate policies and approved practices
•        developing or overseeing availability of standard contract templates and monitoring                            compliance

At a transactional level, it might include:
•        review and approval of proposed variations from standard process, policy or terms
•        monitoring of contract and obligation performance to ensure compliance with specified terms

At both levels, it might include:
•        input of relevant compliance data to control systems
•        identification of compliance variations and / or exposures, including frequencies
•        recommendations for changes in compliance rules, policies or terms to reflect changing                      trends,  market conditions or opportunities
•        management reporting and change initiatives