about us


Dynamic Contracts Consultants, LLC is an Contracts consulting company for US Federal Government contracts (FAR/DFAR). We also assist our clients in commercial and international sector. We specialize in drafting, proposal writing, negotiating, compliance related to contracts, specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for programs and projects covering a wide range of size and complexity.

We believe that experience and expertise go hand in hand. We provide professional services to large, small and mid-sized business and entrepreneurs who want to do business with government/ commercial and international enterprises. Our consultants / attorneys are experienced in working with numerous business transactions in government, commercial (private/public) and international sector.

We are headquartered in Sugarland, Texas. We believe that our consultants / attorneys should deliver sustainable and measurable results, not just reports to our clients.

Based on the principles of providing “simple solutions to complex problems” Dynamic Contracts Consultants provide innovative cost-effective solutions that are designed to ensure complete clients / customer satisfaction.

Our consultants / attorneys are certified professionals in the industry. Our consultants and technology-enabled services assist supply chain management, procurement and legal department of corporations to be efficient and effective, compliance with the laws, minimize risks, and minimize spending and budget analysis.


To transform/ implement the vision and ideas of our clients / customers into realistic solutions through innovation, technology an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving.


To provide quality support to our clients / customers based on core values:
•        “Simple Solutions to Complex Problems”
Simplicity represents the efforts by Dynamic Contracts Consultants to provide our clients/customers with the most practical, simple and affordable solutions to address their business needs.

•        “Excellence in every product or service”
Demonstrate excellence in every aspect of our business, to ensure complete clients / customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by Dynamic Contracts Consultants.



  • US Chamber of Commerce

  • State Bar of Texas

  • National Contract Management Association (NCMA)

  • American Contract Compliance Association (ACCA)

  • National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)

  • American Bar Association (ABA)

  • North American Procurement Council (NAPC)

  • South Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC)