Contracts Procurement

Contract Management is growing rapidly as a profession in all market sectors worldwide. We intend to continue to be at the forefront, driving innovation and best practice by adding significant value to our clients’ organizations.

As Contract Managers  we understand the law, we are not technical advisors or architects, but we understand the technology in the contracts we negotiate/draft/review/analyze and manage contracts.

  • We believe our assets is our performance by the long-term success of our clients

  • We will not compromise in our vision and values.

  • We stay abreast of the changing environment in which we operate, and provide relevant and innovative solutions to our clients

We provide support and assistance to our clients in different aspects, such as:

  • Legal contracts expertise/ knowledge

  • Communication skills

  • Time management

  • Negotiation skills

  • Teamwork

  • Business acumen

  • Risk analysis/ mitigating risk factors

  • Contracts / Legal know-how

  • Financial awareness

  • Knowledge of employer’s processes

  • Understanding industry characteristics

  • Client relationships

  • Business contribution

  • Technical appreciation

  • Ability to accept & lead change

  • Analytical / problem solving

  • Dispute Avoidance skills

  • Dispute Resolution experience

  • Interpersonal relationship skills

  • Cultural / International appreciation

Our services include:

Commercial Sector:
In addition to this we also provide services, such as:

  • Contract Management and Compliance (US – government/commercial) and international

  • Contract Management (Electronic Discovery)

  • Contract Management (Litigation analysis and management)

  • Contracts development/negotiation/drafting/reviewing for government, commercial and
    international transactions

US Federal / State Government:

  • Assists and advise Clients at all stages of contract lifecycle from project inception, procurement, bid support through contract award and closure (from cradle to grave)

  • Our Clients include from different products and service industries, such as: IT /
    construction / engineering

  • Procurement/negotiation / bid analysis / comparative cost analysis

  • Registration / maintaining active status in SAM / HUB / SBA / M/W/SBE / TUCP and
    other database

  • Compliance analysis of contracts related to FED/State policies and procedures

  • Review/maintain documents, contracts and records retention (as per Fed/State policies
    and procedures)

  • Subcontracting analysis - assist and advise clients for Subcontracting opportunities

  • Evaluate/monitor flow down clauses